Crew Childcare Services - A Place For Kids

Crew Childcare Services - A Place For Kids

Our Childcare Providers

Mayra Flores, Primary Childcare Provider

- Mother of 2
- 4+ years of Childcare Experience
- Infant and Children CPR Certified

Mayra is more than a Child Care Provider; she is another mother to all the children that enter the child care room. She has a passion for children and their enjoyment while their parents take necessary action to take care of their health. Everyday Mayra cleans and sanitizes the Crew Child Care room and toys. She takes pride in the facility and is always looking for ways to make the room a fun-filled and educational environment. It is common for the children to be begging their parents to bring them back.

Maria, Co-Childcare Provider

- Mother of 9
- 7 years of Child Education Experience

Esmeralda, Childcare Assistant

Maria and Esmeralda are not only Mayra''s back-up when she is not available or needs some extra help, but they are also her family. Maria is Mayra''s mother and Esmeralda is her litle sister. We must emphasize, Maria has successfully raised 9 children! As if that is not enough experience, she has also worked full-time as an assistant teacher at the elementary level for 7 years. She is also a Sunday School teacher at her church.

Esmeralda is a teenager that has also inherited a passion in caring for children. She is currently attending parenting and childcare classes at her high school and finds working at the CREW Childcare Center to be a fun and rewarding atmosphere.

The CREW Childcare Center frequently hosts fun events for the kids such as: holiday parties, small birthday celebrations and random activity days. In addition, we also proudly host the "Heights Kids" program.