Liposuction-How effective are newer techniques

Liposuction-How effective are newer techniques

Liposuction means suction or vacuum assisted evacuation of fat from undesired locations. Liposuction was a major development in cosmetic and plastic surgery when it was invented as the incisions were very small, almost invisible and it could remove fat from a very broad area, it could reshape your body. Still liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries being done world wide. With liposuction your plastic surgeon can take out you fat from undesired locations and fat removed through liposuction can be injected in some other area to augment them.
Whenever a new technique develops, marketing starts. Various people and companies start putting their maximum effort to sell themselves and their products. Everyone claims to be something new, something different and most effective. Same thing happened with liposuction, different machines were produced like power assisted liposuction (no advantage over conventional liposuction), then ultrasound assisted liposuction (claiming that it causes rapid dissolution of fat), then came LASER assisted liposuction (Claiming both rapid dissolution of fat as well as skin toning) and now VASER. Principles are same-break the fat and suck the fat.
Every company, after manufacturing a machine makes all effort to sell it. New marketing propaganda starts. In this era of media hype, internet, TV is the best sources to create mass manipulation. Some surgeons also think, they can attract more patients by claiming to be armed with new technologies. They too make mistakes by buying these costly instruments without confirming their utility.

In medical science, we accept only those technologies which are clearly effective, reproducible (means –good result should be there with other surgeons and other patients also) and cost effective.

So, Companies are manufacturing liposuction equipments, and what we plastic surgeons are doing? Hmm, yes we are engaged in refining and selecting canula tip and its design, most effective and least traumatic, which is the most important factor in any liposuction. Speed and ease of fat removal at different locations need different type of canulas and not different big named machines. Skin tightening depends upon how a surgeon passes his canula under the skin and not upon laser or any other source of energy.

So ultimately, it’s not the machine but the man (woman also) behind the machine which matters. Till now, clinical researches have failed to prove superiority of any of these so called new techniques over conventional liposuction.

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