Senior Health - As Simple As Sitting For a Bath

Senior Health - As Simple As Sitting For a Bath

Sometimes, it''s the simple pleasures of life that become the most difficult when we get older. While many take for granted the luxury and comfort of a warm bath, it becomes more challenging as we age, especially getting in and out of the bathtub.

In recent years, a technology has been emerging that, simply stated, makes achieving the benefits of bathing easy and attainable by the elderly or disabled.

For many, Walkin Bathtubs are the greatest invention to hit the bathroom. The idea is simple - instead of climbing in and climbing out of a horizontal bathtub, people can simply step in and step out of a verticle bathtub.

It brings the joys and health benefits of bathing to those who normally could never do it on their own or at all. Imagine being able open a door, take a couple of steps, and sit down on a comfortable seat. Then, the warm water fills the walk in bathtub, soothing sore muscles and allowing a sanitary way to keep our bodies clean.

The question isn''t necessarily whether or not you should get one. The question is: "Why didn''t anyone think of this before?"

The biggest challenge was the seal. A hydrostatic seal provides control of a sealing surface taper as well as the cavitation reduction structure between the sealing surfaces. Control of sealing surfaces taper is provided through one or more relief recesses in the wall. Sounds complex, but it really isn''t.

It allows water-tight sealing between a wall and, in the example of a walk-in bathub, a door. For any portals that are opened and closed often, this is the absolute key to making the technology work. The walk-bathtub industry would not be able to operate at the prices that they do today without it.

CQ Livingston is a life coach who works with people to help them achieve their goals beyond challenges that face them. His workings with Glamour Baths has helped him understand that walk in bathtubs are an essential part of senior health. It is in helping others that he finds fulfillment and makes a living as well.