Stay Fit Over Fifty

Stay Fit Over Fifty

Most people struggle to stay fit over fifty. As you begin to age, your health needs begin to change.

Age fifty is a particular milestone, because you begin to need a more focused

exercise plan and diet to stay fit. Here are seven interesting tips for anyone

over fifty to follow so that they can ensure a longer, healthier life.

Food is your body''s fuel, like any machine it can only

work as long as the fuel allows it to work. At this age, it is even more

important to eat fruits and vegetables to boost levels of key vitamins and

nutrients. Since your digestive system is particularly vulnerable as you age,

fiber should also be a key part of every meal. Not only will it help relieve

any digestive distress, but fiber will provide a boost of energy throughout the

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You may not be as young as you were before, but there are

many ways to stay physically fit as you age. Consult a doctor beforehand, but

walking, swimming, and biking are all great ways to maintain your health and

figure. It is important to start with low impact exercises for those who have

not been regularly athletic throughout their lives. In the same line of

thought, it is even more important to rest your body in between days of working

out. Try to alternate body parts and exercises during your workout. For

example, do some light free weights one day and some walking the next.

Your body is not the only thing that needs extra

attention to stay in top form after fifty. You should focus on your mental

health and acumen as you age. By reading, writing, playing puzzle games, and

yes, even video games, you can keep your mind just as sharp as ever. There are

many studies that show that something as simple as a regular game of chess

prevents neural networks from deteriorating as you age.

One of the most often overlooked aspect of getting older

is the amount and quality of rest that is needed. Like any other adult, people

fifty and older should get between eight and ten hours of sleep. When you

sleep, your body regulates the hormone cortisol, also known as the stress

hormone. It is crucial that you have a restful sleep in order for your body to

regulate this hormone, because it can cause a variety of health problems

throughout various aspects of your life. Sleep

is also crucial in controlling your weight, particularly your ability to lose

weight. It would be wise to have a proper mattress to ensure that you get a

good night''s sleep, and reap the benefits daily. A

pressure care mattress suited for pain relief, especially after a workout,

can help you get optimal results from your sleeping.

5. Have Regular Visits With Your Doctor

At this point in your life, you need someone to talk to

about all of your health concerns. After all, your body is changing and it is

important to be sure that all of the changes are normal and not signs that you

have an underlying health problem. Just as you have a dentist that you go to

see, you should have a primary care physician with whom you may consult and

Did you ever wake up with your heart beating a bit faster

than it should be, but returned to normal so you did not want to trouble

yourself with a doctor? Then you should be writing down this abnormal bodily

behavior, along with any other unusual symptoms. You can jot down non-serious

issues to take with you to discuss with your doctor at a regular check-up.

especially over fifty, die from the influenza. Make sure that you

know the limits of your immune system as you age, and take precautionary

measures such as vaccines to assure that you are not at an unnecessary risk for

sickness. Aside from a flu vaccine, make sure that you are vaccinated against

shingles, as it is quickly becoming one of the most serious conditions facing

Age fifty is not the beginning of a steep decline in

health or fitness. In fact, by following these seven tips, you can be assured

that you are heading for a lifetime of great personal care and healthy living.

Following all of these will improve your quality of life, no matter how long

Over 50, Overweight & Out Of Breath: A Year Of Going From Super Fat To Super Fit.This article is contributed by Alex Pejak. She is a health blogger from Australia, who also likes to travel and write about her experiences

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