According to a new study watching the Super Bowl can be a hazard to the heart. Your thoughts on this?

According to a new study watching the Super Bowl can be a hazard to the heart. Your thoughts on this?

According to a new study watching the Super Bowl can be a hazard to the heart. Your thoughts on this?

NEW YORK – For rabid fans of the New York Giants and New England Patriots, this Sunday’s Super Bowl won’t be just a game. It may be a health hazard. Heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies doubled in Munich, Germany, when that nation’s soccer team played in World Cup matches, a new study reports.

While history suggests European soccer fans can get a bit more worked up than the average American football fan, doctors think there are some valid warnings to be shared.

I know a little bit about the Super Bowl,” study author Dr. Gerhard Steinbeck of Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich said in a telephone interview. “It’s reasonable to think that something quite similar might happen.”

He and his colleagues present their results in Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine. They blamed emotional stress for the heart problems, but they note that lack of sleep, overeating, wolfing down junk food, boozing and smoking might have played a role too.

The rest of the article is here if you want to check it out.

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Between the Red Sox winning the World Series and the Patriots being in the Super Bowl, I might just have a heart-attack.

♥Yankee Fan for Life ♥iM A girl♥ Says:

shoot you should see me when the i watch my teams in the playoffs seriously i freak out and i think i would get a Heart attack

hehe thats funny. i better watch my dad the whole time then. . . he gets a little too worked up. then again, he really doesnt care about the SB anymore after the Chargers got eliminated. . . so we might not even watch it. now that i think about it, i dont really care either. . .

when auburn lost to South Florida and LSU i drop tears and punch everything in sight. there times i thought i pass out. lol

then i should be dead cuse i watch everysport and there championships

Of course it can, especially if it’s your team that’s in the Superbowl!

When Pittsburgh played Indy in the playoffs 2 years ago. . . . A Steelers fan had a heart attack at the local bar. It happened on the play that Bettis fumbled from 2 yards out and Roethlisberger made the TD saving tackle.

All I know is that I wont get a heart attack and Im gonna watch the whole game.

What would be even harder is having Gene Heart (I know he was the announcer for hockey), but listen to that guy gave you a Heart attack. . .

Its also the highest night of the year for domestic violence. . .

The only thing bad for the heart is when it breaks from bad calls and fumbled balls, missed passes and huge losses. . .

For most fans, watching their team in a Championship game can have its own kind of stress. I have been around New England fans all my life. I know fans of other teams who also get worked up about their teams. I also know of people who are forbidden to watch critical games due to potential health hazards from beign worked up.

If you have history of heart conditions, then it might be a problem. If you are not fans of either team, then the risk is minimal.

I can see that happening. I tend to get overly excited watching different sporting events. Yell n scream at the TV like they can hear me. But like you stated, over eating, booze n smoking don’t help matters either. You’re in an environment where every ones adrenalin is very high, it’s a party mood & it’s too easy to get caught up in it. I’ve done it at a baseball game, football game & a NASCAR race. Not necessarily the eating n drinking, but the excitement is like electricity in the air. It grabs ahold of you, escpecially if you’ve never been to one before. My biggest one was when LSU beat Ohio State!! Bring on the thumbs down.

My heart would never attack me over a football game. Maybe it would because of the food I would be eating but not because of the game itself.

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