Dog Health Limps

Dog Health Limps

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Elderly cat with probable arthritis Q: I think my approx 15yo cat is in pain from arthritis. he is no longer very active and sometimes crys for a min. or so as if he is in pain. i know it could be any number of things and i can''t afford to go to great lengths as he is very old. but i would like to make him as comfortable as poss.
A: There are many different joints that can be affected by osteoarthritis in the cat. cats can develop hip dysplasia just like dogs. this condition greatly exacerbates the normal wear on the smooth cartilage protecting the bony surface of the joint. when this cartilage wears away there is a bone to bone contact, which creates the pain seen with arthritis.glucosamine and chondroitin are also often used as an aid in the treatment and relief of the discomfort. you can get information on these on our website.

Drastic change in behavior Q: My cat had been missing for 2 months. i found a cat which i thought was my cat. he always acted different than my cat. his meow was completely different than any cat that i have heard. then i found out that this cat was declawed, when my cat was not. i let the cat out in the backyard and when i turned to leave the cat bit me. i went to the doctors, and we havent had rabies here for over 10 years. but i was reading on a website about behavior changes and i was wondering if you could tell me what this is and do i need to worry about it. and what should i do for the cat if he comes back. "if your animal becomes aggressive he may have contracted the rage. you may also detect this problem if his mewing is low and rough." thank you, katie potter
A: I would see your physician and perhaps consider the rabies treatments that he or she woudl recommend since we dont know about your stray cat. the likelihood of rabies is very small but you just want to be sure

How often to reapply when not working Q: I recently descovered my two indoor cats got fleas, no idea how. when i found them i tried a flea spray, house bombing, and baths, nothing got rid of them. i got frontline, but a week later i still find the fleas on them, the fleas look ill and unable to move much, but they are still alive. my coworker suggested advantage, it worked much better for her animals, do i have to wait a month to apply it, or can i do it sooner... i have company coming!!
A: I would wait 1 week and then try advantage if you wish. make sure you treat house for fleas as well as much of life cycle occurs off dog. also consider capstar from 1800petmeds orally for quick kill of adult fleas
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Arthritis Q: I have a 13 year old pomeranian. in the mornings he seems to be hesitant getting up and he will cry and yelp for a minute, he then walks around and will be fine the rest of the day. he weighs less than 10lbs. what would be good daily treatment? thank you; carol esposito
A: I would try supplement like glycoflex from 1800petmeds as well as extra antioxidant nutrients added to his diet like vitamin e at dose of 100iu daily as well as proanthocyandins from health fodo store at dose of 10 mg twice daily in addition to vitamin c in form of ester c at dose of 250 mg twice daily. if perssts after a few weeks, then see your vet for prescription meds.
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Trachea Q: I was told my 5 year old poodle may have the beginnings of a narrowed trachea. how serious could this become and what is the treatment?
A: Can have all variations from mild coughing episodes to more serious frequent hacking. best treated wtih meds to dilate airways like aminophylline or theophylline and sometimes low dose cortisone.

Appropriate ketoconazole dosage Q: Dear dr. dym, i have a 14 month old labrador retriever that has re-occuring ear infections. he weighs 93.6#. usually the vet prescribes mal-tic ointment. this last time the vet prescribed ketoconazole, 400 mg bid. my dog became anorexic after 4 days of treatment, so the vet decreased the amount to 200 mg bid. his appetite returned with this dosage, he is now taking 300 mg bid. he is eating, but not with his usual voracious appetite. i have no information on this medication. can you give me some guidelines for dosage recommendations and adverse effects to watch for? thank you, jane
A: The usual dose for this medication can vary from 2.2 to 13mg per lb given once or twice a day, based on the type and severity of the infection. the side effects of ketoconazole may include vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, drowsiness, itch and rash. giving tablets with food may reduce some of these side effects. this medication may cause liver toxicity or blood disorders, therefore, periodic examination by the veterinarian is important.

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