Intercultural Exchange — Challenge and Opportunity

Intercultural Exchange — Challenge and Opportunity

Dr. Fernandez-Lahore and Dr. Lin started parallel careers in their respective home countries. Both of them became very early interested in bioseparation technologies, as it is revealed in their initial publications on aqueous two phase partitioning of biomolecules.

For this reason Dr. Fernandez-Lahore first (1997) and Dr. Lin later (1999) joined as postdoctoral scientists the Institute of Enzyme Technology of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsselforf in the Campus of the Research Center Jülich.

Both scientists enjoyed working together for around 6 months, out of which two publications were born. In 2000, Dr. Fernandez-Lahore returned to Argentina as Group Leader (Downstream Processing) and later on became Professor at Jacobs University Bremen (Biochemical Engineering, since 2003). Dr. Lin became Professor for Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Zhejiang University.

Both scientists have been establishing research teams in Germany and China, respectively. During a recent event at Jacobs University, Dr. Fernandez-Lahore and Dr. Lin met again, after almost 10 years.

Following a preliminary meeting focused on exploring potential future collaboration, both scientists identified definite niches to establish a common research pathway.

This research project is presently in progress!

It is my intention, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of hardship, to promote the moral, physical and intellectual development of the people.

~ Robert Bosch, 1935

The program Science Bridge: China (Wissenschaftsbrücke China) of the Robert Bosch Foundation is supporting scientists working in China who would like to strengthen scientific exchange and cooperation with German academics. The main focus is on the creation of new opportunities for collaboration.

The program also promotes the development of a dense professional network of scientists in Germany and China with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experience and information.

Professor Fernandez Lahore (Jacobs University, Bremen) and Professor Dong-Qiang Lin (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou) have been awarded with the prestigious collaboration grant in late 2009. Both scientists will jointly develop innovative technologies for cost-efficient Downstream Bioprocessing, a current bottleneck during biological manufacturing.