Q1Medicare.com Releases Online Medicare.gov Plan Finder Tutorial

Q1Medicare.com Releases Online Medicare.gov Plan Finder Tutorial

Q1Medicare.com released an easy to use tutorial for the newly updated Medicare.gov Plan Finder tool. The online tutorial guides the user step-by-step through the Medicare.gov Plan Finder, illustrating important Medicare site features and tips. The tutorial is in a web-based format to accommodate the needs of seniors who are not frequent users of the Medicare website.
Saint Augustine, FL (Vocus) October 31, 2010

The Q1Medicare.com website now provides an easy to use tutorial for the recently updated Medicare.gov Plan Finder. The Q1Medicare online tutorial guides users through the Medicare.gov Plan Finder screen-by-screen while highlighting new features of the system. The tutorial also provides Medicare site tips for new and returning users. The Medicare.gov Plan Finder tutorial can be found at Q1Medicare.com/tutorial.php.

The Medicare.gov Plan Finder received a major overhaul this year and added a number of new screens and features. Returning Medicare.gov users may notice that the format of the actual Medicare plan comparison has also changed. This year?s Medicare.gov Plan Finder also includes estimated health care costs, even for seniors searching only for Medicare prescription drug coverage. The health care cost information may be particularly useful to Medicare beneficiaries who are considering the additional coverage of a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Health plan as compared to their Original Medicare coverage. For other Medicare beneficiaries, this additional health care information may add another layer of complexity to an already challenging calculation.

?Medicare?s recently updated version of the Medicare.gov Plan Finder reflects the complexities Medicare beneficiaries face as they try to choose a new Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part D prescription drug plan,? notes Dr. Susan Johnson, technical director of the Q1Medicare.com site. ?The goal of our tutorial is to provide a simple guide so the Medicare community can better navigate the Medicare.gov site and find the Medicare plan that most affordably meets their needs.?

Q1Medicare.com reminds seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries that they can enroll in a 2011 Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan starting Monday, November 15 through Friday, December 31. As a complement to the Medicare.gov Plan Finder, Q1Medicare.com has also updated their own online 2011 Medicare plan finder tools, the PDP-Finder and MA-Finder, designed to provide the Medicare community with a quick overview of their 2011 Medicare plan options.

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