Belle's Beauty Botique

Belle's Beauty Botique


Belle''s Beauty Botique Makes You The Owner Of A Busy Salon

If styling hair, applying makeup, accentuating beauty and the cosmetic industry are of any interest to you, you might find the following online game a fun way to pass the time...Belle''s beauty botique is the buzz game for fashionistas across the nation who like gaming but also enjoy the hair salon set up this version entails.

Elements of The Game Environment

Running a salon might have been a dream of yours as a child, today or for your future and Belle''s beauty botique can give you a realistic insight of the trials and tribulations that come with doing so. The different elements of the game are constructed around time management, gossiping the local town events, hair styling, beauty products and micro managing a salon as the sole owner. You must beat the clock and satisfy all of your clients in a realistic fashion in Belle''s beauty botique and her very virtual world.

Where Can I Get It -- And In What Formats?

The Belle''s beauty botique game is available online, bookstores, and even in a download-able format. There are trial sessions that give you a taste of what this game will hold if you choose to purchase it. It has captured the eyes of many teen dreamers and cosmetology fantasies. You get points for placement of clients based on their ability to maximize gossip time. Choosing where they sit and the rotation is the best way to rack up the points. It was initially created to target women 35 years and older but is popular among the teens as well. The creator is delighted that it has become a hit among such a large span of ages.

Is It For Me?

Beauty is important to many women and this game gives an alternate way to associate ourselves with the very realistic stresses like keeping up with trends, having the best makeup, finding the perfect hair styles and meeting business demands. It has been praised by women who enjoy an hour or so of relaxation and gaming. Many games fail to address the flirtatious and gossipy elements of a woman''s life but not Belle''s beauty botique. Belle''s beauty botique is a super-girly and upbeat game that makes it possible for all women to be winners.