Find a Training Partner Fit, Healthy Beings

Find a Training Partner  Fit, Healthy Beings

The Quest to Become a Fit, Healthy Being

Humans are naturally sociable beings; our lives almost depend on social interaction. We develop and learn about the world through our interaction with others. We live in complex social structures that require us to cooperate and compete with others; this includes families, local communities and even nations.

But the need for social interaction and support can start as small as finding a training partner. How many times have you been training on your own and felt tired and decided to stop?

If it is many times than you might benefit from a good training partner.

Of course training partners are not for everyone, some people can push themselves to the limit just with their own determination - but still, could these people go that bit further with a partner to compete against?

The issue is that it is very difficult to find a good training partner but what makes the perfect training partner?

What to look for in a training partner:

You don''t want a partner that will hold you back or someone that you are holding back. You want a partner that you can compete against and if they are better, fitter or stronger than you that can add extra motivation to improve.

You want a partner that is motivated so it is not you trying to keep two people going. You will have days when you can''t be bothered, hopefully if you have a motivated partner he/she can keep you going.

There is nothing worse than going to the gym for a work out or meeting for a run and the person arrives late. This can lead to you losing interest and having a less productive work out. Or even worse a partner that cancels last minute.

A training partner must be someone that you want to spend time with.

Your goals don''t have to be the same but it helps if you are both there for a similar reason to spur each other on.

Ability to give and take constructive criticism

You and your partner are going to see each other from the start of your training which means you will develop together. Development may not always be good, one or both of you may develop bad habits (practice does not always make perfect). If you see a bad habit developing, you need to tell each other and don''t take it as an insult.

If you have a partner that is negative that will rub off on you and affect your level of training. It is demotivating to train with someone who is in a bad mood or doesn''t stop complaining.

You might struggle to find a training partner that ticks off all the above criteria so you might have to decide which are the most important to you. Also, if you train in a number or disciplines (for example, I swim, cycle, run and lift weights) you will most likely need a number of training partners.

Personally I don''t have a training partner for lifting weights or cycling as I don''t have set times when I do my sessions.

For swimming I train with my water polo team which has a range of abilities some much better than me and some that are not as good. For running though I have an amazing running partner.

He is always motivated and would run many times a day if I wanted

he is faster and fitter than me

He is fun to spend time with

He always gives off positive energy.

Bodhi: Has never let me down.

He is my four year old English Springer Spaniel, Bodhi. From the list earlier Bodhi does not have similar goals to me (he just wants to run around and play) and he cannot critique my running development. But other than that he is the best running partner I have ever had.

Final thought before you go off trying to find the perfect training partner or buying a dog (a dog is for life not just for a training partner). Have a look at the list and decide whether you would make a perfect partner for someone else.

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my name is L.J. My passion is to live a healthy lifestyle and my goal is to make sure I have fun achieving it. Professionally, I have been a fitness instructor, personal trainer and now an exercise scientist / researcher. I have a BSc (hons) in Health Related Exercise and Fitness and an MSc in Physical Activity for Health. From my experience I now consider myself an ''exercise specialist'' but this is not a blog just about health and fitness. This blog is about being a Fit, Healthy Being!!

To be a fit, healthy being is about having a fun lifestyle which of course includes - exercise and diet but also includes; challenges, new experiences, exploration, companionship and sharing.

With this blog I hope to help the ''average Joe'' to wake each day a little healthier than the day before.

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