Gain relief from 78 illnesses, diseases, pain and other health problems!

Gain relief from 78 illnesses, diseases, pain and other health problems!

Why suffer if you don''t have to?

Dear Friend,

If you are concerned about your health--if you want to improve your health now--this may be the most important letter you''ll ever read! You see, I have some very exciting news for you.

There are many natural healing secrets -- some old, some new -- that can help you:

-- enjoy robust health
-- gain energy and vitality
-- fight off aging
-- protect yourself from disease and illness
-- prevent serious health problems

all WITHOUT drugs...all WITHOUT surgery.

What about doctors?

They are good, but their knowledge is limited to medicine only, and not to the natural ways that often work much, much better for healing and prevention than medicine ever could.

You need to learn about the incredible natural health secrets that are available -- and proven to work.

They are all in an amazing new book, NATURAL HEALING AND PREVENTION SECRETS. Try them for yourself at NO RISK. See the results. Feel better. Gain vitality and strength. Watch as any health problems you have go away.


This power-packed book is a treasury of natural prevention, feel-your-best and healing secrets. For example, you''ll learn... l 3 new ARTHRITIS healers that could end your pain. l A nutrient in foods that can fight-off cancer.

What foods to eat. l 4 new ways to get rid of DIABETES. Chances are, your doctor doesn''t know about these natural secrets. l Heart disease? 50 milligrams daily of this supplement can cut your risk of a stroke, heart attack of related death in half! l The 8 pains that could be early warning signs of an upcoming heart attack.

= CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME. How to tell if you have it. What causes it. How to treat it naturally.

How to alleviate thyroid problems and disease without harmful drugs. You''ll discover how to prevent heart attacks and cancer . . . kick your immune system into high gear . . . strengthen the natural disease-preventing organs in your body . . . regain good health, vigor and have abundant energy.

You''ll learn the foods to eat to beat disease . . . even reverse it . . . and how to stop it from attacking your body. l 10 popular prescription drugs that may harm you -- and why. l Chest or leg pain? Heart surgery is dangerous, and you may not need it.

Instead, try EDTA Chelation Therapy. It''s safe and works 94% of the time. l A nearly free beverage -- in your home now -- that can ease pain in joints, fight constipation, avoid wrinkles. It can also prevent kidney stones and urinary tract infections.


Rub this on you pain for fast, effective, and long-lasting relief. It''s probably in your refrigerator right now.


The radiation from x-rays create free radicals. These molecules damage cells and could cause cancer.

Before you get any x-ray, check with the doctor about this supplement which neutralizes free radicals. l 2 vitamins that can prevent you from getting Alzheimer''s Disease. l Osteoporosis? New way to strengthen brittle bones.

CLEANSE YOUR BODY - FIGHT OFF DISEASE, ILLNESS AND PAIN! Yes! These natural secrets can eliminate toxins, pollutants and viruses in your body that are the root cause of health problems. Once gone, you can gain relief and enjoy good health. Stop for a moment.

Picture yourself feeling better. Free from disease. Rid of pain. No more illness, worry or anxiety. This wonderful book can help you do it.

You can feel like you deserve to -- clean, pure and enjoying vibrant health. l 5 things that will lower your risk of getting cancer by 75%. l Prevent heart disease - our #1 killer.

The incredible vitamin that fights off highly toxic "free radicals" that block arteries. l Aching Back? 4 simple exercises that give fast, effective relief.

l The real reason people have HIGH CHOLESTEROL (it''s not what you think). Amazing new research shows the nutrient that helps lower bad cholesterol.

= SAVE YOUR KIDNEYS. Even reverse kidney disease. The two things you must do.

=How to save your teeth -- without painful surgery. What a gum surgeon may never tell you.

=The nutrients that can prevent and fight back age-related blindness. l A simple diet that helps END ALLERGY MISERY.

=The gland that controls age-related diseases -- and 4 natural ways you can strengthen it and protect yourself.

=This is in your medicine cabinet - and it can cut your risk of getting colon cancer by a full 50%. l Natural life-extension secrets that could add 10 to 15 years to your life. DON''T'' GIVE UP HOPE!

= know your health problems are depressing. You, at times, may feel hopeless about gaining relief or preventing serious diseases. After all, if doctors can''t help you, who can? That''s what many people think, but it''s wrong.

You see, the natural foods, vitamins, nutrients, thoughts and exercises in this book can help you - when traditional medicine can''t. It''s truly amazing. People go from disease to disease-free.

From pain to painless. From worry to excitement. From illness to excellent health. From high risk to low-risk. And FAST! Why don''t you order the book now at no risk and join them?

= The vitamin proven to lower cervical cancer risk by 80%.

= A common household chore - done properly - that can relieve shoulder, arm and hand pain. l Beware! There''s an expensive new surgery for gallbladder removal that can increase your chance of a serious injury.

= Doctor''s can''t figure out what''s wrong with you? What you should do immediately - and the "mystery illness" it probably is.

= How insoles, found in these 3 foods, are proven CANCER-PREVENTERS.

= High blood pressure? 2 natural ways to reduce you blood pressure level up to 53% within the next eight weeks.

= The mineral that will reduce your risk of colon cancer by 30%.

= 4 vitamins & minerals that protect you against heart disease, and can even REVERSE heart disease.

= The sleeping position that can get rid of HEARTBURN.

= HOSPITAL WARNING: In this type of hospital, your chances of dying are increased 25%. This information could save your life. Straight from the Journal of the AMA. I, and my staff, want to help you.

We want to see you free from disease, illness and pain. And we want to prevent you from getting serious health problems. That''s our mission. We look forward to changing your life soon through this incredible new book.

You see, disease, illness and pain are unnatural. They''re caused by how we eat, think, live and sleep. Since they are unnatural, doesn''t it make sense that only natural healing can cure us and prevent problems?

You bet it does. For example, you''ll learn why the Japanese people get only 16% of the heart attacks that Americans do. You can use this information to prevent heart disease. And more: l People call it a miracle.

All we know is it can END DEPRESSION. l 7 skin blemishes, bumps and rashes that could be "early warning signs" of cancer or other life-threatening diseases. How to tell.

= Stress? Anxiety?
= 3 natural stress-reducing secrets that work. Plus, how to forget your troubles and be happier.
= New study reveals foods that help you stay regular.
= RECOVERY SECRET. Doctor''s proven way in imagine yourself healthy again. It works!
= 3 simple stretches that relieve muscle stiffness in seconds.


The popular cholesterol-lowering drug that shows a dramatic increase in death from non-cardiac problems. DON''T TAKE THIS PILL. Instead, use the safer natural and more effective tips to lower your cholesterol. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Get this book with our "you feel better or you don''t pay" guarantee.

That''s why I don''t want you to wait even one more day to get these amazing natural healing and prevention secrets. You deserve to feel good -- without illness, disease or pain. PROVEN TO WORK NATURAL HEALING AND PREVENTION SECRETS YOU WON''T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!

That''s right. We''ve scoured the world to uncover little-known, effective health secrets. You won''t find them all in any other book or newsletter, no matter how many you have.

Just one health or healing secret in this book could be the breakthrough you need to get ride of your illness, pain or disease . . . or prevent you from getting a debilitating problem. Exciting, isn''t it! You can have better health soon . . . without dangerous drugs . . . without expensive medicines, doctor visits or treatments . . . and without painful surgery!

= How licorice tablets can help you get rid of an ULCER.

= How 2 vitamins can cut your risk of cataracts by at least 50%

= Want more energy? 20 natural food that give you more vitality, stamina and strength.

= Chest Pain Relief. 2 nutrients that relieve the pain.

= Prostate cancer prevention. This dreaded cancer kills 34,000 American men each year. Natural prevention secret.

= Sinus pain? New hope. You can finally get permanent relief without drugs that eat away at your immune system.

= "No cholesterol foods" that are actually bad for you.

= How to tell if you need SURGERY or not. At least 20% of all operations are unnecessary, according to experts.

= WOUND HEALING SECRETS. How to recover faster form accidents, cuts, scrapes, bruises -- even surgery. This is very important. If you want to prevent or gain relief from health problems you must (repeat: MUST) learn these natural health secrets for yourself. Nobody else can do it for you -- it''s up to you.

Why suffer when you can gain this knowledge and help yourself? l Psoriasis? The natural oil, available in health food stores, that can quickly eliminate this skin problem.

= 8 foods and drinks that can get rid of a COLD or FLU faster.

= A natural herb that relieves TOOTHACHE PAIN l HEART PROBLEMS? According to Dr. Daniel Singer of Harvard, this has proven to reduce stroke risk by 79%.

= Harmful toxins from your dishwasher? Yes! How to eliminate them.

= HOW TO GET FREE MEDICINES, even expensive prescriptions, simply for the asking. One of the best-kept health secrets in America.

= The nutrient that lessons PMS irritability, anxiety, crying, pain and water retention. Plus, natural MENOPAUSE secrets. YOUR ALL-IN-ONE NATURAL HEALING AND PREVENTION SOURCE! This huge book contains hundreds of natural healing and prevention secrets for nearly every disease, illness and pain you may have -- or could get in the future. That means you''ll save time and money from using just this one book.

And that''s no all. You''ll find it completely updated with the new findings, new cures, new research and new remedies. Plus, you will appreciate how it''s so easy to read, use and follow. It''s written for YOU, and not a medical professional who knows all the fancy words. Use it to help yourself, of course, but you can also help your friends and loved ones.

This book will make you an expert in natural healing and prevention. You can help others get rid of health problems. You''ll be appreciated -- even a "hero" to them. l The common beverage that can make arthritis worse. Thousands of people are suffering needlessly.

= Injury secret. Use this ice-then-heat treatment for best results.

= What your doctor probably misses from your cholesterol test. You need to know total cholesterol - divided by HDL.

= The 19 things you should have in your medicine cabinet for HEALTH EMERGENCIES. A handy checklist.

= Overweight? The amazing natural supplement that will speed-up your body''s fat metabolism function. You''ll lose weight faster and easier!

= Secrets to buying shoes that won''t cause BUNIONS, CORNS, HAMMERTOES and other foot problems. l Feel "blue"? 4 keys to talking yourself out of it. Psychologists prove it works.

= HOW TO READ A PRESCRIPTION. Doctors use Latin shorthand we don''t understand. Chart tells you what all the scribbling means.

= How a slice of cheddar cheese after meals can prevent plaque, tooth decay and gum disease.

= Dry skin? A nutrient that moisturizes flaky, cracked, calloused and itchy skin almost "magically". You don''t risk a penny in sending for NATURAL HEALING AND PREVENTION SECRETS. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just return it anytime within one year for a full, immediate refund. You''ll see positive results.. or it doesn''t cost you a penny. Could anything be more fair?

= How to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer. What every woman must know. l If you take Seldane, you should NEVER take these two drugs with it. The combination can cause life-threatening irregular heartbeats.

= Sleep better. 2 natural secrets for good, restful sleep every night. l 3 keys to prevent getting AIDS from common medical procedures.

= The type of CLOTHES that could be the cause of your tiredness, headaches and other health problems. What the clothes industry doesn''t want you to know about a big-selling, but harmful fabric.

= Natural mind techniques to get rid of guilt, fear, worry, and anger feelings.

= STOP CANCER CELLS. This spice actually inhibits the growth of cancer cells in your body. A new study you MUST read. Do you see how this book will help you in so may ways?

It can give you natural health secrets that get rid of disease, pain, illness and suffering! It can help you avoid getting serious health problems! You need these natural healing & prevention secrets if you want to be in control of your health . . . now and in future years. l 3 nutrients that help reverse aging, improve memory and increase mental sharpness. l 5 natural ways to purify your body and get rid of toxins that cause so many diseases and illnesses.

= Sore, irritated eyes? This home remedy, with ingredients you have in your house, works wonders.

= Why you should not buy colored toilet paper.

= End muscle cramps. The home remedy your doctor probably doesn''t know about.

= Why PINK grapefruit is 20 times better for you than WHITE grapefruit.

= A breathing technique that stops pain dead in it''s tracks for many people.

= 2 foods that will increase your sexual desire -- or your partner''s.

= How IMPOTENCE and PREMATURE EJACULATION may be cured with a powerful nutrient in your grocery store.

= Natural ways to get rid of "morning aches" in your body.

= Bursitis? Simple way to eliminate pain in your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

= The "miracle food" that can break-up clots in your blood and fight-off hardening of the arteries.

= Natural way to improve digestion of foods -- helps your digestive system work easier, run smoother, get rid of "nervous stomach" and other problems.

= The common way to relieve foot pain. Simple and effective.

Most doctors completely overlook this.

= And hundreds more natural healing and prevention secrets! I''ve arranged a very special offer for you. First, you have our 1-year unconditional money back guarantee so you don''t risk a penny. Second, you get a special discount price so you save money. And third, I''ll include 3 BONUS REPORTS with your book . . . ABSOLUTELY FREE!

You can soon gain relief from 78 illnesses, diseases, pain and other health problems . . . or prevent getting them . . . faster and easier than you thought possible! Complete the Access Form .. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you in the next few days.

To your good health,

Frank Simpson
Frank Simpson, Executive Research Director

P.S. Now, gain fast and effective relief from the disease, pain or illness that afflicts you. And learn how to prevent yourself from getting health problems in the future. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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