Lose Weight Quickly by Eating Right and Exercising Fast Weight Loss

Lose Weight Quickly by Eating Right and Exercising  Fast Weight Loss

Lose Weight Quickly by Eating Right and Exercising No amount of fancy diet food and/or supplements can give you the benefits of a good workout and proper food. That is because your body is naturally accustomed to use up the food it gets in performing the everyday tasks that you do. However, when you become sedentary and cease to have an active lifestyle, it can seriously affect your health. This is when you stop getting your daily dose of exercise and hence you lose out on the benefits that your body is used to getting. This is the perfect recipe for you to start gaining weight and if you are reading this article; it is possible that you have already started gaining weight.

So if you are looking around for quick ways to lose weight, let me tell you that none of these fancy diets will work for you. You need to make your body capable of handling the fast by itself and starvation is never an answer. In fact, if your body thinks that it is going through a famine situation, something called the famine syndrome will kick in. This is when the body starts to gather more fat than usual so that you have energy reserves for using if continuing not getting food. This is a natural defense mechanism but it completely baffles people when they see that despite eating less, they are gaining weight faster than before.

Don’t let this happen to you; eat as much as you think you need. Do not eat till you are stuffed. Rather, eat till you are hungry no more. The best things to eat are natural products. So make yourself a large, raw salad everyday and you can eat as much as you want. You can also create a delicious fruit salad for yourself every morning and have a hearty breakfast with it. Use home made yoghurt with it instead of cream. Yoghurt contains lots of protein, which is good for muscle growth.

If you are just starting out, try out some weights to find out the intensity level that you should be working out with. With the weights, try a set with repetitions of 8. If you find that you are doing more than 8 repetitions, you can add more weights. But if you find that you can’t even hit 8 repetitions, then you need to reduce the weight.

Intensity is a key factor here. Dancing and aerobic related exercises are good for fun and leisure, but they don’t help you to build strength and muscles. You need to have lean muscle mass so that you can supercharge your metabolism rate and burn off the excess fat in your body. Only then will you be to achieve long term results.

If nothing is helping, you need to see a fitness expert and get professional advice on what you should do. You can then take up the custom exercise program that your fitness coach creates for you and hit the gym. Sometimes, it is also possible to carry small gym equipment like small dumb-bells and hand presses to everywhere you go. This way you can keep up with your routine no matter where you go. You can also buy home gym equipment have a good work out within the comfort of your home.

Don’t find excuses to skip your exercises. Nothing should be more important than your health. Eat right, exercise regularly and soon you will be on your way to your ideal weight and shape.

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