Medical Treatments for Tinnitus - Options Health News For Families

Medical Treatments for Tinnitus - Options  Health News For Families

Medical Treatments for Tinnitus - Options

Are you aware of any ways to medically treat tinnitus? It might surprise you when you learn of all of the options out there. Just deal with your untreatable condition and cope is what most people are told to do.

In past years, tinnitus had no effective medical treatment. Today, however, biofeedback, stress and anxiety reduction, surgery, and prescription medicine can all be used to reduce or eliminate the effects of tinnitus. Doctors dont believe anymore that tinnitus is mainly a psychological problem or that it is caused by problems in the ear that cant be remedied. As of today there is not a cure for tinnitus. There are many medical options that are available to ease the symptoms and has worked very well with many patients.

Xanax is the main ingredient in anti-depressant drugs that have been used in treating tinnitus. The results of a study found that 76% of people who took this drug stated that the lowering in sound level was considerable with around a 40% reduction of symptoms.

The administration of intravenous Lidocaine had a positive effect in 85% of patients participating in a controlled study- providing evidence that tinnitus can be controlled with drug therapy.

Many people may also experience relief from tinnitus caused by this condition from antihistamine drugs.

Some heart medicines work by increasing the blood flow throughout the body; this has been shown to reduce the effects of tinnitus.

Anticonvulsant medication, typically a seizure medicine, may help ease the symptoms of tinnitus.

Prior to seeing your physician to treat tinnitus, it would be good to find the reason for your condition. Tinnitus can be caused by a number of things.

Other solutions to medical treatments for tinnitus are homeopathic remedies and things you can do to at home to make the severity of your tinnitus more manageable.Some people that are afflicted with this condition do not wish to take certain prescribed medical treatments or medications to help their sicuation. In cases like this, they might think about homeopathic medicine as another option for treatment.

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