Review queries premature ejaculation treatment

Review queries premature ejaculation treatment

Researchers are questioning the efficacy of behavioural therapy to treat premature ejaculation after an independent review.

A recent review of four studies that included 253 men US men could prove that therapy isn’t as effective for the treatment of premature ejaculation as initially thought. Although some experts still believe that therapy can be helpful in dealing with the anxiety that fuels this condition and can help men develop better ‘sexual management’ strategies.

“There is a consensus that psychological aspects are very important to ensure success and maintenance of the results after discontinuation of medication, said lead author of the review, Tamara Melnik, a professor of internal medicine at the Federal University of Sao Paulo. Although there is a clear lack of available premature ejaculation treatments to use in conjunction with therapy in the US says Dr. Wayne Hellstrom, urologist at Tulane University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

Unlike the UK, there is no way for men to purchase the premature ejaculation medication, Priligy, which means that men have to use numbing gels or ask their doctor to prescribe anti-depressants for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

Although the review looked at studies that proved therapy did work for the successful treatment of premature ejaculation, very few were conducted using the correct criteria, which meant that they weren’t taken into consideration. However, one can’t dismiss the fact that therapy is helpful to some men, especially those who have the condition due to psychological factors.

Researchers hope that the review will highlight the need for further research into premature ejaculation treatments, especially since it’s becoming an increasingly common sexual health problem.

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