Wondering What Is The Normal Weight For Women?

Wondering What Is The Normal Weight For Women?

If you are a woman is natural to wonder what is the normal weight for women. There is so much emphasis on weight these days. Every where we turn we are bombarded what is acceptable body image and what is sexy, hardly anyone thinks what is the healthy weight. Skinny and unhealthy Hollywood stars and models are our idols when it comes to body image, is become the normal weight for women to be skinny and unhealthy.

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In our quest to be thin, we ask ourselves “just what is a normal weight for my height”? There is the height weight chart that is visible everywhere: in pamphlets in medical offices, at the gym, in drugstores to name a few places.

For many women weight correlates to their self-esteem. It seems some women once they begin to lose weight, they can’t stop and end up with anorexia. This is a difficult disease to treat and not always successful.

There are women all the time that look to be of normal weight for their height and are intent on losing more weight. Meanwhile there are females who are morbidly obese and make no effort to get help.

So, what is the normal weight for women? Maintaining this weight is healthy for you, helps you to look good and feel better. A healthy body can ward off disease better than those who are obviously overweight. Here are some examples; and are for women over 20 years:

Normal weight and height for women

  • If you are 4’10” to 5’ tall the correct weight would be between 100-137 pounds and an ideal weight would be 117pounds.
  • If you are 5’1” to 5’3” tall would be a range of 103 to 143; however, the ideal weight would be 125 pounds.
  • If you are 5’4” to 5’6” tall you should be between 114 to 160 pounds and an ideal weight would be 136 pounds.
  • At 5’7” to 5’9” the weight range is 123 – 173 pounds and the ideal weight is around 146 pounds.
  • From 5’10” to 6’, the range would be 132 - 179 pounds with an ideal weight of 156 pounds.

Your ideal body weight can vary because all women are different, and that is why there is no one normal weight for women of all ages and sizes. We are an individual and there is no other you in the world. These variances depend on lifestyle, body type, and genetics. Note that these figures are flexible to a degree.

The goal for weight loss in women should always be a healthy and toned body. If I doubt, about the ideal weight for you seek the advice of someone who specializes in the study of barratries.